About my Projects

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Software Toolbox:

C, C#, VisualBasic, WPF, Java, Python, Godot, HTML, CSS, CAM, CAD, Eagle, Android Studio

Hardware Toolbox:

CNC Milling, CNC Mill-Turning, SLA 3D Printing, FDM 3D Printing, Wood/Metalworking

What is byteoverflow:

  • A collection of almost all my Projects.
  • Some tips and tricks about certain problems which took me ages to find online.
  • Maybe a tutorial or two about some things.
  • Sourcecode I am willing to publish. Have a look at my github repos
  • Definitely documentation about unfinished and dropped projects.
  • But also downloads for my finished and useable projects.
  • Maybe a shop in the future? (but thats a long time project)