Bike Carrier v2

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Modifying my newly added carrier for my E-Bike


  1. Bike carrier wont fit with newly bought mudguards

Finished product

3D printed PETG adapter for my mudguard.


A few weeks ago I built a new carrier - which didn't really work. It would have worked if I hadn't decided to add mudguards to my bike. The mudguards didn't really fit on my 29" wheel and 6" tire, so I had to mount them in a way which deviated from the manual. Front wheel got the zip tie treatment and the back wheel mounting points had to be modified.
As a result my self built carrier mount had to be removed.

carrier_3 carrier_1

The OEM mudguard mounting was just a piece of straight plastic. But for my use case it had to be angled 90°. After 4 revisions on the 3D printer it finally fit. The black marks on the prototype are areas which had to be modified between each iteration.


carrier_4 carrier_5 carrier_8 carrier_6 carrier_7

The carrier mount was a whole different problem. As a test I printed a mount from PETG which only held for 200km on my bike. Because the overall design worked quite well, I decided that im going to rebuild it from 6061 T3 aluminium, which I had laying around.

Sadly I cant tell you about the longevity of the parts, because I had to RMA the controller. Maybe I'll remember to write an update once the replacement parts arrive.