June 13, 2020

Reading time ~1 minute

SimpleColorPicker will help you to get every RGB or HEX value of a color from everywhere on your screen. Yes everywhere. No need to take a screenshot or save the image.


  • Control the program with hotkeys
    [CRTL+1] to save color.
    [CRTL+2] to stop picking.
    [CRTL+3] to resume picking.

  • Copy either the last picked RGB or the HEX value with a click of a button.

Program screenshot:


Help screenshot:


Snippet for the colorpicking:

Bitmap BMP = new Bitmap(1, 1);
            Graphics GFX = Graphics.FromImage(BMP);
            GFX.CopyFromScreen(new Point(MousePosition.X, MousePosition.Y), new Point(0, 0), BMP.Size);
            Color Pixel = BMP.GetPixel(0, 0);