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SPM was built out of a necessarity. As a hobbyist 3D printer you accumulate a lot of 3D models which can get messy really fast. With SPM you have all your 3D models and a preview of them all in one place.


  • 3D preview of any *.stl and *.obj file
  • Open a *.stl file in your prefered silcer with one click
  • Set up to 8 booksmark directories, which you can open with one click
  • Treeview of your selected directory
  • Open file, rename file, open folder, move folder, create folder, delete file, unzip file

Set the most common slicers in the settings to be able to open the *.obj and *.stl with a click of a button.


You can assign up to 8 bookmarks. This could be a path to your files on an external HDD, or a direct path to a network share.

SPM_Booksmarks SPM_NewBookmarks

Rightclick menu
Simply right click the tree view to open up the context menu.


On the left-hand side you have your tree view which shows all your files from the set path in your settings. Right above the tree view is a simple search field, which highlights partial and/or full matches to your search string. In the middle top of the window is a quick folder creation tool. Just drag and drop any *.obj or *.stl in there to quickly copy it to your file path, which you set. Just below that tool is a quick text preview window, nothing special. The most prominent window on the right is the preview window for your 3D models.