three-jaw Chuck

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A new month, a new small restauration

The old part

I got my hands on this old “Röhm” three-jaw chuck for free. But it was in a really bad shape. The internal scroll plate was gunked up to a point where it was impossible to turn it.


Time to disassemble

Firsts step was the removal of the back cover plate.


Each pinion has a small stud bolt which helds it in place. Easily for me, they could be unscrewed without any problems.
The removal of each pinion was not as easy. I had to break out the hammer and some piece of delron to gently tap them out of the body. The interior is not as dirty as I thought.

3jaw_5 3jaw_7 3jaw_6 3jaw_10 3jaw_9

The cleaning

All the parts where cleaned with generic brake cleaner and Loctite SF 7063.


I left them to soak for some minutes and got to work scrubbing all the parts with some coarse scotch brite.

3jaw_13 3jaw_12 3jaw_2

While waiting for the parts to dry I went ahead and greased the scroll plate and the pinions with “chuck grease”.

Before assembling the chuck, I reworked the cover plate screws with some light filing and whetstones.

3jaw_16 3jaw_17

The new part

The restored chuck still looks a bit worn and old but works as a new one.